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Download Your Photos

Save your memory… forever! Download your photos to keep, enhance, and create other great photo products! 

This download will contain any photos you enhanced by adding borders or graphics. The files are in JPEG format. 

You may download your photos as many times as you like over the next 45 days, regardless of a photo’s expiration date in your account. After you download, you will continue to have access to your photos online until they expire according to our standard storage policy. Your downloaded photos will not be affected by our standard storage policy.

Unzipping your photos after Download

If your browser doesn't open the .zip file automatically, you will need to get software to unzip your files. There are free packages such as WinZip® or PKWARE's PKZIP® for Microsoft Windows, or Allume System’s Stuffit Expander for Mac OS X or higher.

  1. Open a zip file in the software of your choice.
  2. Follow the zip software’s instructions to save your photos.

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